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The Hebi card

The Hebi card is a plastic card with a unique identifier which entitles the card owner for bicycle renting. One user can have maximum 3 cards. You can read the rental details at the contract, rules menu point. The card application can be available at the places listed at the card marketing places menu point.


Card fee

The card application fee is 600 Ft/card. Besides this you must bank up the card with minimum 1000 Ft for each card at the card application time. Each embankment activates the card for 1 year. The bicycle usage fee is reduced from the banked up amount. In case your balance will decrease to minus amount or its validity is over you cannot rent bicycle. At the time of reembankment of the card you must clear the minus amount and you must bank up the card with 1000 Ft again.


Rental fee

First half an hour 200 Ft
Second half an hour 200 Ft
Third half an hour 300 Ft
Fourth half an hour 400 Ft
Fifth half an hour 500 Ft
Every further started half an hour 500 Ft

All started half an hour will be invoiced. The maximum tim limit for renting is 10 hours per events.


Renting by Hebi card

You can start the renting with your owned card directly at the dock. You should touch on the card at the Hebi card reader settled on the dock for putting the bicycle in practice. After it you get one off sound and flashing lightsign where the lock fixed the bicycle will be opened. The light sign is flashing for 20 seconds and during this time the bicycle can set out. If it does not happen the lock will reclose. You have 2 minutes after starting the renting to check the bicycle technical state. The renting fee counting will start after it. In case you realize any failure on the bicycle (vandalism, puncture, breaks etc.) you can return the bicycle to the dock as free, within the 2 minutes above mentioned.

You can give alerting about the failed bicycle directly at the control panel.



What can I do with the Hebi card on the control panel?

Users who are Hebi card owner can get the followings:

Get balance:

You can get your actual balance, see your card validity time and what kind of code bicycle has been rented by you.

Failure notice:

In case you find a failure dock or bicycle you can send alerting about it.

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